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Welcome to Gretta’s bio. Here you can read Gretta’s background, resume, and view her professional portfolio. Gretta is known for having an eye for design. Whether she is designing home decor, various art, or interactive projects, she continues to challenge herself creating new and intuitive designs.

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Gretta has been doing website and graphic designs for over 15 years. She first started her career as a graphic designer doing odd jobs on Microsoft Paint and Paint Shop Pro for various companies designing things like T-Shirts and Flyers.

She then went on to College and graduated to become a Website Designer. Gretta pursued a career at IBM as a Front End Web Developer. During her career at IBM, she was recognized as a fantastic designer so she changed her title to Instructional Designer/Visual Designer. She currently works at IBM as an Instructional and Visual Designer.



At IBM, Gretta is recognized as one of the best designers within the company. She displays her talent working with IBM creating logos, website designs, motion graphics and interactive learning development for internal IBM and other external IBM clients throughout the world.

Future Goals


Gretta future goals are to continue to work with top notch clients creating design content for websites, mobile apps and producing motion graphic videos. Whether the intent is used for interactive learning, educating or for marketing purposes, Gretta designs for different multi media across the globe.



Instructional Designer 3/2015 Present 

  • Consult with clients to understand needs for design. Design learning interventions using learning theory and models. 
  • Develop and wrote performance objectives. Perform gap analysis and content analysis. 
  • Work with graphic artists, course ware engineers and project managers to achieve project goals. 

Motion Graphic Videographer 7/2013 Present 

  • Create video productions using Adobe After Effects and Windows Movie Maker. 
  • Create visual mockups per clients request using Adobe Creative Suite. 
  • Consult with clients to understand needs for design. 

Front End Developer 4/2012 Present 

  • Develop web applications using HTML5/CSS3, Bootstrap per visual mockups. 
  • Create visual mockups per clients request using Adobe Creative Suite. 
  • Use Developing Software for Web Development. 

Mobile and Web UX/UI designer 4/2012 Present 

  • Develop and design web and mobile apps for different platforms using design tools. 

Paradise Web Design -

Entrepreneur - Web Designer 3/2009 - 4/2012 

  • Founded and maintained a web designing company. Worked as a volunteer. 
  • Acted as a front end web designer using CMS. Maintained websites and customer support. Used markup language HTML, CSS where needed. Acted as an Administrator and Content Manager to websites. Used Adobe Creative Suite to build and create websites. Worked as a volunteer. 
  • Acted as a Marketing Consultant
  • Consulted with clients to understand needs for design. Suggested to clients their needs for building websites. Measured the usability based on client needs. Researched clients needs and connected site to social networks. Worked as a volunteer. 
  • Worked as a Graphic Artist
  • Developed and designed web sites and created graphic art for multimedia. Used Adobe Photoshop to create Web Graphics as needed. Created Branded Logos for Clients. 
  • Volunteered


Interactive Media Designer

Lansing Community College

General Associates Degree

Concentration in Arts

Lansing Community College
Web Development Certificate of Completion
 Concentration in Web Design

Lansing Community College

Computer Tech Basic Information Technology Certificate of Completion

Concentration in Microsoft Office

Lansing Community College

Computer Programming Certificate of Completion

Concentration in Web Development